Commercial Services

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<p>Your Commercial property is constantly subjected to the torments of prevailing winds, rain, traffic exhaust fume dust build up leaving it worse for wear, so cleaning your buildings regularly will help your business to stand out against the others as most buildings are seen to have but never cleaned.</p>

<p>Bird Dung left behind on window sills and on roof tops is not just ugly to look and destroys anything it is left on, it is also a major health concern, cleaning up such areas on an ongoing basis will help prevent staff sickness occurring as often and it will help to keep the birds at bay as they associate their home with the smell of their dung, so removing the dung, this in turn eradicates most of the odor and this will encourage them to live elsewhere.</p>

<p>Walkways &amp; Driveways are darkened by constant vehicle and foot traffic, cleaning them every 6 &ndash; 12 months guarantees them to be a lot safer to walk and drive on, removing the hazard not cleaning them would present as dirt, moss and mould buildup ages anything it is sitting on by at least 40% faster than if the areas are totally clean and maintained&hellip;so surely this must be a motivating factor to keep both your buildings and surrounds looking their very best to not only minimize accidents but to also prevent unforeseen maintenance having to be done on areas that had they have been cleaned each year would not have had to have been repaired costing the owner thousands!</p>

<h2>Our Commercial Services</h2>

<li>Exterior Building (Chemical / Non-Chemical)</li>
<li>Chemical - Non Chemical Exterior Building Washes</li>
<li>Commercial Pre Painting Wash Down Preparations</li>
<li>Commercial Internal - External Car Park Washes</li>
<li>Commercial Driveway - Entrance Way Washes</li>
<li>External Patio - Courtyard - Balcony - Decking Washes</li>
<li>Perimeter Internal &amp; External Block - Concrete Wall Washes</li>
<li>External Concrete &ndash; Brick &ndash; Paved Paths - Steps Washes</li>
<li>Educational Building Washes (Cr&egrave;ches &ndash; Schools &ndash; Polytechnics &ndash; Universities)</li>

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