Property Managers

<p>Here at Clear Water Blasting Services Limited we work very closely with hundreds of Property Managers around the lower North Island every year and we completely understand what it takes to maintain a property on behalf of the vendors and at the set monthly budget plain required, so why not let us help now with offering you &ldquo;A LOT FOR NOT A LOT&rdquo; what this means is that if you have a property that is in dire need of having the house cleaned and other aspects of the property could do with a good clean whilst we are on site, then by adding more to the price list the cheaper it becomes on the final total any additional areas cleaned.</p>
<p>What we are saying is that if you want the house cleaned, that will be at our normal price, but if you get the paths done too, then we will reduce the price down by $10% off our normal price to have them cleaned, then if you get the deck cleaned we knock off $15% off of our normal deck price and so on for other areas, gutters for starters...20% off the price for gutters to be cleaned and so on and so on...this is by far the best cost effective way to help get all your properties back in top condition making your Property Management Company look good while to not only help your vendors properties look better and safer for them and the tenants, but to save a ton or money in the process....why would you not want to give this one a go? To secure this you will need to email us the addresses of the properties you want quoted and we will get back to you on the prices, showing you just what you have saved overall for all you want cleaned, plus also a timeframe as to when we can get the job done.</p>
<p>Based on the first time job completion and fantastic results achieved &ndash; we would like to invite you the Property Manager the grand opportunity in being able to continue to receive this very special offer only to yourselves at the same set price and service on a future 6 monthly or once yearly basis on these properties. (Offer Applicable Only To Property Managers).</p>