About Us

Our Mission Statement

Here at Clear Water Blasting Services Limited we aim to deliver “you” the V.I.P Client the cleanest possible commercial – residential – rural property and the peace of mind in knowing that both your buildings and what you walk on is bright, clean and most importantly safe.

Honesty and excellent communication with clients before, during and after the job is what we are all about, this helps everyone as what’s required can be clearly understood and followed through correctly within accordance with the client’s needs and on what can actually be done with the job itself.

Integrity and total commitment to all clients a must, potential clients are putting their trust in our hands with their property and assets, so if we see it will not make the difference and it can wait for some more time before being done or that it will cause damage, then we always state this to all our clients immediately and we leave it to them to make the decision on when they want the job done.

Our client’s trust on our ability to make the difference to their home and property is everything to us as what makes them happy makes us more happy!  We have a clean track record of outstanding results which clearly shows just why we are the preferred company for the job, hundreds of others have and we proudly stand at having every single client happily satisfied and begging for more!

Love What You Do Each Day ... We love cleaning buildings and surrounding areas of properties as we know very well what the end results will look like ... STUNNING!

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What We Wash

Clear Water Blasting Services Limited specialise in Commercial (As well as Educational Facilities - Crèches, Schools, Polytechnics, Universities, etc), Residential and Rural.  We also wash pathways, steps, paved and cobble stoned areas, driveways, fences, gutters, walls, trellis, decks, entrance ways and we will help you with any other queries you may have may have.

Fair Prices For Quality Work

Large prices are NOT what we charge, we are a mid range priced company who bases their pricing on quality and not on quantity.  We have always done our upmost to work with your set budget right from the start and give you the highest of expert workmanship possible to bring you the desired result you longed for on your commercial, residential or rural property.

Need A Quotation Fast?

Time frames are usually the case in this line of business, so Clear Water Blasting Services Limited completely respects that our clients require work to be carried out within specific time periods and at the odd hour of the morning or evening during the week or on weekends so we will work any day of the week to get the job done with no fuss or worry from the client.

Depressed Looking At The State Of Your Home And Property? ... Dusty, dirty and dark looking buildings and entrance ways plus walkways lower the standard and financial value of the overall look you want from your home and commercial property, so getting them cleaned on a regular basis is imperative!

For any quotation required please fill out our online quotation form and we will guarantee that you will receive it via email no later than 24 hours from the inspection of the job site and any quotations sent via post will be in your letter box no later than 48 hours from the inspection of the job site. (Except during Public Holidays of course).

Did You Know?

Your home, business and property is one of the very first things people see of you when they visit you, so this reflects largely on how they immediately perceive you, so keeping your environment in a clean tidy state shows to them how you operate as a person, and as a business ... makes you think aye?  Contact us now to arrange your first or ongoing job with us.