Real Estate Agents

Here at Clear Water Blasting Services Limited we work very closely with hundreds of Real Estate Agents around the lower North Island every year and we know just what sort of small time frame and budget their clients have to work with to get their property in a presentable state for potential buyers to take an interest in.

Most property owners selling their home do not have the available money or time to do much to the exterior areas. If there are potential buyers who are interested in purchasing the home and see  there are outstanding things needing done on the property such as mould on the house and gutters or a slippery dirty deck or paths, they would want to mention this to you to advise the home owner in the hope that the price will be lowered.

Getting the exterior of the house and property cleaned up need not break the bank for the vendors, we want to see both the owners and you make big out of the sale of the property, therefore we are pleased to offer exceptional savings if you get in our excellent services to wash down not only the house, but also the paths, deck and even the driveway...the larger the job the larger the savings the vendor gets, plus we are prompt, we know the stress involved with selling a property so we are also happy to advise that no matter how late the call comes for our services we will not add any additional costs because of the last minute call for help and we will do all we can to get the job done in on time too.

Please ask your clients to look at our stunning before and after photographs so that they can clearly see what an amazing difference we can bring to their property and also let them know we offer free no obligation quotes and we will work on weekends to help meet client time frames when required. (Offer Applicable Only To Real Estate Agents & Their Clients)