Client Testimonials

"James the Director of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited performed several A1 water blasting jobs on several residential properties we painted, his eye to detail was at the highest level and always pointed what areas of concern that needed the attention, therefore our exterior painting projects always looked immaculate to an A Level finish thanks to James. As they say a good paint job depends on the preparation. I was glad to use James of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited, he had become a part of the dream team in helping us produce quality job's for our clients. James and I became great friends and still are presently even though G A Decorators has moved to Australia ... I recommend Clear Water Blasting Services Limited to all Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Commercial Outfits plus to all Residential Home Owners, you will only receive the very best out of James for his services and a great outgoing friendly personality to go with it ... James has a mighty vision to service Wellington and I would not hesitate in using James Company again if I was in Wellington."

Glen Alo
Director of G A Decorators Brisbane-Gold Coast, Australia

"We got a super quick response to our enquiry, with a very fair quote and the speed and efficiency was awesome! Overall James is an all round great guy to get your job done by! ... James had the job to water blast our long driveway. We also asked him to give our deck a blast to see how much of the paint he could pull back. Everything came up looking fantastic! He exceeded our expectations by giving us some really good advice on how to fix another little issue we had ... This is the second time we have used the friendly service of James of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited and we recommend his company to anyone who wants a fair price and a job well done."

Anna & Luke
Titahi Bay

"This is to advise that James Butler of Clear Water Blasting Services has completed numerous jobs for Guardian First National Ltd ... We have always found James to provide extremely competitive quotes and to go the extra mile ... James’ workmanship has always been to a very high standard ... Please do not hesitate to contact me on 477 5407 or by e-mail at for a verbal reference."

Jo de Jongh
Property Manager
Guardian First National Ltd MREINZ

I was very impressed with your prompt response to my enquiry to use your water blasting services ... I had your quotation within 24 hours which included a site visit by yourself and the use of email for the quotation was fast and efficient ... The fact that you had the job completed within three days of the quotation being accepted was exceptional ... You did a thoroughly good job, turning tired old cobblestones and decking into something new again ... Your work was fast, efficient, very tidy and you did a good clean up job at the end ... The box of chocolates was a nice touch ... I would highly recommend your services to anyone that enquired."

Blair Double
Principal for Professionals

"Thank you for providing a very professional and efficient service. I appreciate your work ethic and your willingness to complete the job properly. Obviously you take great pride in your work and customer satisfaction is paramount. I was very impressed with your before and after photos and noted the big improvement in the appearance of my driveway and pathways at the side and back of my house."

Aethea Perera

"It is my pleasure to be able to highly recommend the services of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited ... I engaged them to have the driveway and the pathway around the house cleaned. We were amazed with the results, as both the driveway and pathway are now moss and dirt free. In addition James was also very kind to water blast the retaining wall on our front lawn, and it now looks like it was built only recently ... The work was done with professionalism and enthusiasm and I could not have been more pleased. I highly recommend Clear Water Blasting Services Limited to any prospective clients and no doubt, I would be using their services again in the near future."

Ahmad Shahri

"My husband and I decided to try water blasting our house to get it ready to sell ... After seeing the fantastic results we are disappointed we had waited that long! ... Clear Water Blasting Services Limited did an absolutely amazing job on not just our house, but our entire property. Friends, neighbours and potential buyers have been marvelling at how clean and sharp our house and section looks. James found paths in our garden that we didn’t even know were there! Everything is brighter and whiter and looks newer ... As for the garden and difficult areas: no problem. James exercised the utmost care and caution when dealing with the more sensitive areas of our home and got old mould off while staying true to his promise of ‘no chemicals’. James got into difficult nooks and crannies and carried out extra work without being asked or prompted in any way ... Our garden remained totally intact and if it weren’t for the staggering results we wouldn’t have even known he had been there ... James was brilliant to deal with. At all times he was cheerful, communicative and helpful (even on an abysmal winter day in Wellington). Nothing was a problem. Everything was arranged within a matter of two days and from our point of view it was almost too easy to be true. As far as cleaning our house and property goes, choosing Clear Water Blasting Services Limited was the smartest and most cost effective move we have ever done. This business is run on good old fashioned principles ... James is all about listening to and looking after the customer ... I have already recommended his services to friends and family, and will continue to do so. His business deserves to really succeed."

A Millward and K McCollum

"A Very Satisfied Customer ... James of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited does outstanding work and is committed to seeing that his customers are fully satisfied. Their “Client Satisfaction Brings Clear Success” is more than a motto, it is a pledge ... I selected Clear Water Blasting Services Limited because of the positive references they received from professional real estate property managers and their list of excellent referrals. When James estimated the work to be done he was on time, he made certain to understand the challenges of dealing with a historic home in Thorndon and to communicate what I could expect as to results ... James called ahead to verify his arrival and spoke with the neighbours to advise them of the work being done. He made a special effort to reach all of the difficult places we had discussed and areas not mentioned, doing so without any encouragement. The house, decks, concrete retaining walls and steps all were cleaned and the property sparkled upon completion ... His word was true and his work is excellent. I will certainly use his services again."

Dan Viets

"We recently had James from Clear Water Blasting Services Limited clean the paths and exterior of the house on our property. This is not a job I would have liked to have taken on at this time of year, as the recent storms and horrible weather must have meant that James would have been freezing. This did not faze him in the slightest and he was always keen to get the job done and to ensure that we were informed when he would be there to work on our property ... Given the dark evenings, I didn’t see the finished result for two days, but when I did, I was amazed at the results. The concrete paths are much brighter, the paintwork on the house looks like new, and the driveway actually feels safer when walking on it. However, that is not what I like best about James’ work; what impressed me most was that he took on some extra tasks that we hadn’t asked him to do, because, I guess that he thought we’d appreciate it; and he was right ... This, added to his competitive pricing would lead me to recommend him to anyone that was looking for a similar service."

Dr. Chris McKeown

"We found James of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited to be highly professional and excellent to deal with ... I contacted James and he was able to quote for our job within 24 hours, and the job was done within the same week which was fantastic. The areas that have been blasted have come up almost new and I am more than impressed with the results that have been achieved ... It was very refreshing dealing with somebody that was highly motivated to do the job right and I would recommend Clear Water Blasting Services Limited any day."


"In 2005 James Butler of Clear Water Blasting Services water blasted all the concrete paths and the drive at our property in Karori ... It was the first time in 20 years that we had had this done. The difference to our paths and drive was impressive. All the moss and other debris was removed by the water blasting and the concrete looked the colour of new concrete. We also discovered that we had some small red bricks inserted to the side of one path that we had never seen before ... I would use Clear Water Blasting Services again as James did a thorough job and did not do any damage to areas surrounding those water blasted."


"It’s our pleasure to recommend enthusiastically the services of Clear Water Blasting Services Limited ... We needed urgently with the preparation of our house for sale and asked the Company to clean the exterior of the house and all the pathways and fences after a long cold winter, so that the house would look spruce and clean when it was put on the market ... The work was done with vigour where necessary and with delicacy where necessary; the Company’s Representative Mr. James Butler was generously responsive to the need for urgency, prompt, careful and very pleasant to do business with ... The work continued even through a cold and windy Wellington with cheerfulness and with excellent attention to detail, we did not have to supervise and we could not have been more pleased.

House Owners

"I would like the opportunity to praise the work done on my property in July 2005 by James Butler from Clear Water Blasting Services ... The task was quite a considerable one and done in horrific weather if it was not the wind then it was the cold and then to end the day off the rain, l was very impressed with his mannerism throughout the day and his professionalism at performing the task at hand ... The results were absolutely amazing and James attention to detail and pride in his work showed by the result achieved ... l would highly recommended him to anyone who is looking for someone to Water Blast their property not only for the effort he puts into the task and the truly professional results but also his polite and funny mannerism he has endless supplies of."

Graeme O’Donnell

"I am truly amazed at the job James from Clear Water Blasting Services has completed on my property. He was extremely thorough, and exceeded all my expectations. It was a cold rainy day, but he took his time and made sure the job was done to his high standards. I would highly recommend Clear Water Blasting Services; they are reliable, efficient, trustworthy and highly skilled. I can’t thank them enough for making my property look fantastic!”

Helen Emmett
Stokes Valley

"Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the water blasting job you have just completed at our home. It was one of those jobs that we were 'going to get around to' but calling you in to do it professionally was a much better decision! The driveway, patio, house, guttering and decks all look really fabulous - and best of all they are completely safe again with all the slippery moss and grime blasted away ... We would also like to commend you on your superb customer service...your prompt quote, phone call to let us know when you would arrive and just being there when you said you would made our lives much easier; and having someone who treats everything at our house with respect made a big difference ... Last but not least your rate was extremely reasonable for the service you provided. Given the time it would have taken us and the cost to hire a 'proper' water blaster - well, a DIY would have cost just as much ... We would very happily recommend your service to any prospective client and wish you all the best with your business."

Jon & Carol

"Recently I have used this company twice, firstly to have the house water blasted and subsequently the paths and the deck ... Both times the service was efficient, very pleasant and timely ... The jobs done were done superbly well with the minimum of disruption to the surroundings ... I am really delighted with the result and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company, or to use their services again."

Marjorie Lawson

"I was in New Zealand helping my son get his house ready for sale.. We got into a really bad situation when another company we had hired simply walked off the job with absolutely no explanation. Mr. Butler came in promptly and efficiently and solved all our problems of preparing the exterior of our house for sale. It was a pleasure to work with him. The job was done expertly and economically."

Melissa Chapin

"When my real estate agent said to me you must get a professional to water blast your brick work and your deck for getting your house ready for market, I had to two thoughts but my partner had already done it by calling in Clear Water Blasting Services Limited and what difference they made ... After James from Clear Water Blasting Services Limited came and quoted in record time might I add and then did the Job, I walked around outside just saying OH MY GOD to myself, it was like the brick work was brand new, not from the 70's and the deck which was 30 years old he did with care and I couldn't believe it, my deck was cedar and is hard to get cleaned up especially at that age, but James got it looking brand new! ... For anyone that wants a cost effective way to re vamp your outside area, I would highly recommend James from Clear Water Blasting Services Limited every time ... I can't wait to do the next property with him."

Michelle O’Reilly
Lower Hutt

"This is to confirm that James Butler from Clear Water Blasting Services has completed numerous jobs on both my personal residence and Café business. The tasks completed were very satisfactory and were also accomplished in an efficient and timely manner. This is the first time I have had this type of work done on either property and I am extremely pleased with the results ... The concrete paths around the café are much lighter increasing the appeal of out-door dining as well as providing cleaner and safer walking surfaces ... I was very impressed with James’s positive attitude to the work and the professionalism exhibited in its undertaking. I was especially pleased by the way he would take the initiative to do additional work to make the final product more attractive ... I would certainly use Clear Water Blasting Services again as James puts in his own personal and professional touches to create substantial results at very competitive prices."

Mr Ghulam Khan

"James came and did some water blasting at our property. We had a long driveway and a backyard of paving stones which had became quite dirty and faded ... The finished result was amazing. The paths and driveway were completely transformed and we were both delighted with the result ... Aside from the wonderful quality of work James provided, we were equally impressed with the fantastic customer service that James gave. This is very rare these days and in particular with people offering services. We were so impressed with James wonderful service and great sense of pride of his work that we will not hesitate to recommend his business to any of our family and friends ... Thank you James"

Home Owner
Lower Hutt

"The job of cleaning up all the moss and grime which had engulfed our long driveway I always thought would never be done to a level of my satisfaction. That was until James from Clear Water Blasting Services Limited came along ... It has never looked as good as it does now and to say we are delighted with the end result would be a mild understatement. James has restored that clean fresh and bright look to the driveway and thus made the whole house look completely new ... The service we received would have to be the best professional customer service we have had. James is such wonderful and obliging person. He even cleaned up our garden stones and our fence for us. James is a friendly and very polite man who values his business and equally its customers and treats both with respect and care ... For me there is no other business I would call again when we need to clean up our property with the services he offers. I would call Clear Water Blasting Services Limited without any hesitation. The price he quotes is fair and reasonable but the service and his brilliant personality are priceless."

Raj Lala

"During March 2009 I contacted James Butler and requested he provide a quote to water-blast my large, two-storied property and clean the roof spouting ... The following day, Mr. Butler inspected my property and, by evening of the same day, had emailed a quote and provided a date on which he would be available to commence the work ... I very much appreciated Mr. Butler's prompt response to my request and his willingness to commence the work. Given that the property is located on a very steep section, I was grateful Mr. Butler had no hesitation in accepting the considerable challenge - and risk - of working on the site ... As a further indication of Mr. Butler's professionalism, he was able to commence the work several days before anticipated, working diligently and with utmost care of the garden, pots and statuary impeding his access to the house and spouting ... So thorough and thoughtful was Mr. Butler that, in addition to completing the expected tasks to a very high standard, he also - without prompting - cleaned paths, a cobbled area and garden furniture. Mr. Butler did far more, and at a quality that far surpassed my expectations ... Accordingly, I wholeheartedly recommend the services of James Butler and wish him well in his business."

Denise Scadden

"Just under a year ago I got Clear Water Blasting Services to Water Blast my House and Property, plus my other two properties in Khandallah and central Wellington ... My Wife and I found Clear Water Blasting Services Limited to be very cost effective, very efficient, and friendly, plus they did a great job of all work done on all houses and properties ... I thoroughly recommend them."

Thomas Perry