Rural Services

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<p>Your Commercial or Residential rural property is always going to get much more dirtier than that of a residential or commercial property, so getting well used areas cleaned is a must, if it be a commercial business you run such as a milking station then get the place cleaned on a regular basis so to keep it clean and safe for not only yourselves but for your stock, they give you an income so why not make their stay with you a cleaner and happier one for all.</p>

<p>Being in a rural setting your property is more so constantly subjected to the torments of prevailing winds, rain, drive by traffic exhaust fume dust build up leaving it worse for wear, so cleaning your home and surrounding buildings on a regular 6 to 12 month basis will not only help your home and business to be cleaner but more so to stand out against the others in that area, also this makes it easier for people to see you from a distance as with being the most cleaned and loved looking home and business will in turn bring more potential and regular clients to you only and standing out against others is what will make your services superior so get us in as we&rsquo;ll see you right!</p>

<h2>Our Rural Services</h2>

<li>Commercial/Residential - Non Chemical Exterior Building Washes</li>
<li>Commercial/Residential Pre Painting Wash Down Preparations</li>
<li>Commercial/Residential Internal - External Car Park Washes</li>
<li>Commercial/Residential Driveway - Entrance Way Washes</li>
<li>External Patio - Courtyard - Balcony - Decking Washes</li>
<li>Perimeter Internal &amp; External Block - Concrete Wall Washes</li>
<li>External Concrete &ndash; Brick &ndash; Paved Paths - Steps Washes</li>
<li>Internal/External Cow Shed Washes (Chemical &amp; Non Chemical)</li>
<li>Large Barn Washes</li>
<li>Internal - External Gutter Clean &amp; Washes</li>
<li>Barn - Building Roof Washes</li>
<li>Fences - Wall - Trellis Washes</li>
<li>Green Waste - Rubbish Removals</li>
<li>Spider &amp; Web Removal Treatments</li>

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