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Water blasting all types of buildings, especially weatherboard, cedar and texture coated houses comes with the RISK of water getting inside the dwelling through unforeseen cracks or other surface damage that was hidden beneath the surface dirt / mould / moss, also with washing such areas any unseen damage already on the dwelling has the potential to get worse with the use of pressure washing against it, no matter what the level of water pressure, (we always keep our water pressure lower on such jobs) so all clients are required to know that if they accept Clear Water Blasting Services Limited quotations to wash such structures, if any unintentional damage is caused during the washing process due to the condition of the structure surface and after being warned by us of the dangers of washing such surfaces, the cost for repairing or replacement of the areas damaged falls 100% directly on the property owners only.

In addition, roof skylights, external power boxes, Sky receiver dishes, lights & light fittings, infinity gas heating boxes, light switches, air vents for the kitchen and bathrooms are the responsibility of the owners 100% - Clear Water Blasting Services Limited do not wash over any external power boxes, lights or light fittings, infinity gas heating boxes, air vents for the kitchen and bathrooms, but with the process of water blasting being with pressured water and/or with chemical there will be times where water and/or chemical may get inside them unintentionally, as for roof skylights there is always the concerns that water and/or chemical will get inside due to the pressure of water against the glass and framing (we usually wash these to remove lichen and green mould so need to apply pressure to do so) as mentioned, washing your house and property does come with RISKS involved but if you get us in we will take immense precautions to avoid any issues arising, thus leave your property looking its best and with the environment being safe.


Please can all windows be completely shut tight, any cat flaps be shut and locked and covered plus can towels be placed on the floor inside the front and back doors and any French doors that you may have, this in turn helps to minimise (not stop) any water that may get in through any gaps on the doors or under them, if chemical is being used we urge all tenants and vendors to remove shoes before entering into the house or building for up to two days from the completion of the chemical wash, this helps to avoid active chemical being walked in onto the carpets and mats causing permanent discolouration, also please do not put any washing outside as chemical will discolour it and damage it.

Also if any pathways, decks, driveways are being washed by us please can any items such as vehicles, pot plants, outdoor furniture, barbecues, ornaments, etc be removed off the surfaces prior to us turning up to do the job as this will help us to both not cause any unintentional damage with working around them, plus this helps us to get through the job a lot quicker, thus saving you money and us being on site longer than necessary, thank you for your help.


Please refer to this link regarding working at height, also take a look through the entire website if you wish to learn more regarding safety requirements on your building and property – if scaffolding is required, extra costs are added to hire to get scaffolding erected and dismantled on the job site.

Worksafe website link for working at height http://construction.worksafe.govt.nz/quick-guide/#working-at-height

Main Worksafe Website: http://www.business.govt.nz/worksafe


All payments owing to Clear Water Blasting Services Limited must be paid via internet banking no later than seven (7) days from the completion date of the work done on your property or properties, if payment is going to be paid later than seven (7) days then prior arrangements with Clear Water Blasting Services Limited is vital and in written form as an email.

Our company account number is on all invoices emailed to clients, we do not accept cheques, credit card payments or cash in hand at the end of the job, to keep things honest with clients we prefer that all payments are made via internet banking as a direct credit into our account, this in turn leaves no issues with the client or Clear Water Blasting Services Limited as to if or when payment has been made.

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